How do You React to What You Don’t Understand?

Why does asshole tend to be the go to mode for a lot of people when they don’t understand something? 

Yesterday morning, as I was walking to a client’s condo I observed a guy beeping at a couple who was towing a food truck onto the sidewalk.  A thing they do every single day, for who knows how long — likely way longer and more often than that guy has pulled up to that corner to make a right turn.

Not the corner, not the food city involved.  These are the same model of food cart, just a different location in Philadelphia.

Their van that was towing the foot cart, it’s really more of a cart than truck, was stopped in front of the right turning lane. So in his clear bewilderment, made known by his gestures and facial expressions, he beeps at a higher frequency and with more force!

It was obvious that the couple was putting forth nice effort to move quickly and get out of the way.  The woman was hustling! Something they would have done regardless of the jerk-face, because I’ve been walking to that client’s condo building for the past three years and have seen them do it many times.

By the way, that lovely gentleman was beeping at about 6:15am at a red light with a No Turn On Red sign. Had he waited about 10-20 seconds, he would have nicely observed a hardworking couple quickly setup shop to serve people some food today, possibly even him. They were out of his way by the time the light turned green.

This experience is common in our society.  By my observational assessment, that man is likely clouded with ego.  He didn’t understand so he acted accordingly, probably justly in his mind.  I do understand that he thought they might be driving down the road the wrong way, but they weren’t.  Maybe he was having a bad morning, but that should not be placed upon anyone else.

Sometimes it’s just best to wait a little and observe. Try to find out others intentions, especially when no one is in danger of being hurt in some way.

I do not like observing these reactions because all that dude is doing is expanding negative energy.  He is further conditioning the collective mind to be negative.  This is the negativity that can easily be stopped and changed into positive energy.  Though observing that frustrates and annoys me, I am aware enough to choose to not let it affect me longer than in that moment.  Instead, I turned it into this post.

Maybe, when we don’t understand something, we should slow down, observe, and put forth effort to understand.  One thing that many people, myself included, have difficulty understanding is other people.  I know that I will never fully understand everyone else’s actions, reactions, and choices.  I have gotten much better at understanding that, but it’s still something I actively work on.

We all have different experiences that have conditioned us to who we are.  We all have different levels of knowing, or of awareness, that allow us to slow down and control our reactions.  Though it may be more difficult for some of us than others, we all have the ability to get there.  To be more patient, to be more kind, to be more peaceful, to be more aware.  Then, we will all be more happy, more peaceful, and more accepted by each other.

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