We are Constantly Changing, It’s up to Us as to How


To follow-up on my post last week, Why I Took Out My Earbuds….

I mentioned my Apple products, Audible, and podcasts almost as if the problem is that they exist. That is not the case at all. The problem is always the user, me and you. We choose to use these devices, it’s not necessary.  Same with guns. Do I think guns should exist, no, absolutely not.  But the gun is not the problem, it’s the humans handling them. The power hungry, money grubbing, narcissistic humans destroying all of life for things that do not matter at all. Chasing something that does not come from any of that, it only comes from within and being part of a loving peaceful community – not driven by hate.  Smart phones, tablets, computers, and all tech is similar.  Sure they are tools that pull is in, but it is up to us because we have the choice as to when, what and how we use them.  It is our choice, individually and collectively.

Also referring to Why I Took Out My Earbuds, to be fair to Joe Dispenza and his publisher, I already know that I am the placebo in my life. We are each our own placebo, in our ability to be beyond the body-mind. So I don’t need convincing through scientific evidence. I’m sure many people do need that.  My experience is my greatest influence.

To be clear, if it is not already, Observing Experience is my perception of everything I write about.  Every person who reads this will have a different perception – that is good! I am not trying to convince you to do the same things I am doing or the way I am doing them or to think like I do.  My intention with sharing this and everything I do is to get you to inquire into your self, your experiences, and your life.  My intention is that you question what you are doing so you can make purposeful changes and decisions to guide yourself towards being your best you — if you don’t already do so.

If you read this and think, “why do I have to change” or “I don’t have to change”, you definitely need to question your self, within. Because whether you are aware or not, our body-mind is constantly changing. No matter how slowly or fast, your life is either getting better or getting worse. The perception of that is subjective and it’s definitely not linear.

Change can and will ebb and flow from positive to negative.  Self inquiry is about constantly questioning to know where you are within the flow, to create an awareness so you can make choices and changes based on your desires – hopefully positive desires.

Here are some signs your changing is getting WORSE:

  •     Frequent and consistent sadness, frustration, anger, irritablity
  •     Disliking yourself and others
  •     No tolerance for others
  •     Need for constant external substances
  •     Pain and injury
  •     Placing a negative or positive judgement on everything others do
  •     Doing the same things, the same routines constantly
  •     Nothing is ever good enough and you never do anything about it, except complain
  •     Lack of confidence that is controlling your decisions and experiences
  •     Hiding behind an identity you believe to be you
  •     Resistant to change, challenge or anything that isn’t comfort 
  •     Blindly following anyone or anything 
  •     Thinking that everything is about you
  •     A yearn to be accepted
  •     Hate


Signs your changing is getting BETTER:

  •     Peace, happiness, feeling free
  •     Kindness, gratitude 
  •     Simply observing others, knowing you don’t have to agree with or like everyone and everything but not letting it or them affect you
  •     Yearn for life
  •     Willingness and excitement to try new things 
  •     Not necessarily content with everything but finding joy in the majority of your moments and experiences
  •     Self confident and happy with you
  •     Recognizing your limitations
  •     Open to change
  •     Open to being challenged and taken out of your comfort zone
  •     Questioning
  •     Being truthful with yourself 
  •     Feeling accepted
  •     Love


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