Too Many People, Too Little Love


I’ve been contemplating this for a while now, and Kait and I have had many conversations about this. But it is something that I think about often, and I want to share it with you.

So, here it is.  This is what I’ve been contemplating — I am going to write it how it plays out in my mind….


One of the greatest problems we face as humans and as a planet is that the Earth is over populated – with humans. There are way too many people on Earth and it is destroying us, all of nature, and the Earth.  We have created countless products and activities that are depleting the Earth of its resources and beings. Humans are actively and egotistically aware of this, and, yet, we continue to do so with reckless abandon. 

At the same rate, a lot of what we value as a species revolves in some way around preserving and elongating human life.  It seems like saving lives, defeating diseases, and creating ways to cheat death are some of the most revered things in our societies.  Am I wrong?


It really seems like as long as it appears we can “save” lives, it doesn’t matter how we do it or what else we destroy to do it.  For example, think of all the waste a hospital creates — check out this info and this info about hospital waste.  That waste is contributing to the destruction of the Earth.  Think about how hospitals and healthcare systems are corporations.  What do corporations care about? Money. 

The destruction of nature and the Earth is actually very interesting, and I believe that it is often misinterpreted. Humans are strongly contributing to the destruction of the Earth. If you deny this then you need to do some serious soul searching.  We don’t need science to prove anything, just go outside, watch the news, or read anything about current events.  Where it gets interesting, though, is that the destruction we are causing is only going to deplete the Earth of the resources that humans need to survive.  The Earth will survive and thrive, just without us.  Mankind will die, the Earth will re-generate.  The Earth doesn’t care about time or vanity or social media or money or social status.  I just hope we don’t kill off all of the other species in our arrogance.

Now, with about 7.7 billion people, the world seems over populated.  The population has really exploded starting in the 1700s, but it really took off in the 1900s — going from about 1.6 billion in 1900 to the now 7.7 billion in 2019.  That progression is mind blowing.  We don’t know how to handle it – how to get food to everyone, how to keep everyone healthy, how to handle traffic, how to handle all of the egos.  We have to keep everyone healthy, right?  We have to extend life, right?  We have to be the most powerful, right?  What does being the most powerful even mean?  

So, the way I see it, with all of the innovations and technological advances, we have decided to destroy everything else in attempts to save ourselves and thrive as a species.  

Humans, the most powerful and evolved species ever to exist!  

But we are not thriving. I think we are just as lost as ever.


I was telling my friend Nick about my conundrum around over-population and he immediately said something along the lines of, “No, it’s not a population problem.  When I was flying back to the east coast from LA, as soon as we flew over those mountains there was nothing!  No one lived out there. That is the problem.”  

Nick is right.  This is a HUGE problem.  In Los Angeles County, we have about 10 million people squeezed into this relatively small area, about 4,751 square miles compared to the available land in California which is about 163,696 square miles. 

Also in the US, we have 8.6 million people living in New York City which is ONLY 302.6 square miles.  In comparison, New York state is 54,556 square miles with a total population of 19.49 million.  That means that  43% of the state’s population lives in .55% of state’s land. Just re-iterate that is 0.55% of the state’s land.  And meanwhile, the entire United States is 3.797 million square miles.  Some of the land in the US is protected land, but the whole idea of protecting land was born from human destruction of the land.


We see this all over the world.  The urban population of China’s 1.3 billion people is 56.78%, which means over half of the population is cramming into the cities, instead of spreading out throughout the country.  That also means that about 17% of the humans on Earth live in China – in one country!


I see this as an overall problem in society and why there is so much negativity in the world.  Living in a city is great, I’ve done it for the past 8 years.  However, I am coming to the realization that living in a city is also pretty shitty.  I’m going to include the suburbs of cities in this too. Cities and suburbs are essentially areas where people go because they want jobs and want to be close to things that are happening.  Cities are larger communities made of up many small communities, which are often made up of vastly different people.  Cities are made of communities that are made of people working together to help each other, right?  And each community is then working with the other communities to help each other, right?  To survive and thrive.  To live peacefully, happily, with freedom, with creativity, with love…right?

I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  

I think we are segregated in many ways.  I think money does that.  I think the concept of money is a huge downfall of human society as a whole.  I know we are not all working together.  I think a lot of people are cut throat and don’t give a shit about me or you or the next person.  I think a lot of people will stomp on other people to get more money, a nicer house, a nicer car, a nicer <insert any material item here>.  This isn’t a geographic problem, or a city problem, it’s a people problem.  More people just happen to live in cities, with all socioeconomic levels living close to each other, so more things tend to happen in cities.


Steve Jobs famously talked about a study that measured the efficiency of locomotion for various species on the planet.  The study found that a condor used the least amount of energy to move a kilometer, and humans came in about a third of the way down the list.  Then somebody tested a human on a bicycle, and a human on a bicycle blew the condor away.  Humans become more efficient with tools.  This is how Steve Jobs described the computer, “the bicycle for our minds”.  This sparked something in him to create the products he did, the products that have shaped society so much since their introduction – like the iPod and iPhone.  These tools are very cool, very cool. I’m sitting here typing this on my MacBook Air and talking to my cousin on my iPhone.  However, did they actually make life better?  Have computers, the internet, smart phones, and all of this tech actually improved life?

The fact that humans can create everything we have with what is here on earth – shifting, shaping, and combing elements and understanding the way the Earth works to make these products essentially appear from nowhere – is cool stuff. Cities and technology and science help us live more efficiently, no doubt. But more efficiently in what?  To work? to get more done?  

Did you know that Steve Jobs limited how much his kids used technology at home including the products he invented?


Sharing information is incredible and again very cool. But do we need the internet to survive and thrive, no. 

But, Shaun, the technological and innovative breakthroughs in medicine and cleaning the environment are doing such good!

A lot of the “good” stuff we do is a way to figure out how to fix something we have already destroyed or are in the process of destroying.

Greedy power hungry people have always existed through history, as far as we know – with the likes of the Roman empires, British empires, Christopher Columbus, the taking of the Americas, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, the governments, the warlords and militias in Africa — people against people. Communities against communities, within communities, and the egotistical drive to rule the world.  Corporations like Amazon being led by the likes of Bezos are doing it now. They aren’t the only corporation, we see it across the world. It’s always a fight to rule the market and destroy or buy any type of a thing deemed as competition.

Think about corporations or businesses of any kind.  The business always comes first and will always win.  CEOs get fired.  Founders get pushed out – think Steve Jobs being forced out of Apple or a star athlete being traded.   The business does not care about the human.  Strangely, though, the business is a community made up of people, run by people. Why does the business come first, come before everything?  Why does a sugary drink, shitty processed foods, and material products matter more than the people?  Money. 

Corporations created a whole department about this, the HR department.  HR is about covering the companies ass and they are truly only on the side of the employee, the human, if they are doing what is best for the corporation.  Many businesses thrive off of fear.

People literally get paid and are conditioned to tell us that we can and can’t eat certain foods, watch certain shows, listen to certain music, see certain live entertainment, and so on.  Marketing pushes for us to live in a place where the options are abundant…options for what, though?  Options disguised and sold under the blanket of efficiency and convenience all to generate money.  Efficiency that ultimately leads to societal complacency and conditioning.


Shouldn’t we be living to live, not working to live or living to work.  Shouldn’t our work be about understanding love and how to live harmoniously with those around us, even those with whom we disagree.  Shouldn’t our work be about living with nature, instead of against nature.

I think so.


We can survive without the convenience of a grocery store or the internet or smartphones or social media or cars or planes or skyscrapers or pharmaceuticals or Amazon or Trader Joes or Whole Foods or Netflix or Starbucks or Dunkin or malls or luxury clothing or fast fashion……  We will still make music, dance, create art, make food, and love.

I don’t want to do away with all of these things. I love to travel, eat out, go to concerts and Broadway shows, watch movies, and so on. But we could happily survive without all of these. So I think we should be constantly assessing the way in which these are able to be enjoyed – mostly revolving around money. And also assessing how all of the things mentioned in this article are negatively impacting life, and then taking action on individual levels to not stand for it. To think for ourselves because life is about experience and love, not all of this other stuff.

We may not all live as long as each other, but is that such a bad thing?  We all die at different ages and stages of our lives.  We all die.  That is something important to not fear.  

Does a life longer lived make it a better life?  I say no, it certainly doesn’t.  A child who lives five years typically has a huge impact on the those with whom they interacted.  They could have more of a positive impact in the world than an asshole who lives to 90.  Age doesn’t matter, how a life is lived matters.  It all ends tragically or it all lives beautifully – you choose the way you see it.


Maybe we need to go way away from living in cities, master plan communities, and suburbs.  Maybe we need to live more rurally, spread the f’ out, and live off of our own land.  Screw the Monsanto’s and Bayer’s of the world that have been destroying our food supply and spreading deadly poison only to make more money.  We can grow our own stuff, harness the power of the sun, work together in small communities and take back our nature, our true choices, and our true freedom.  Technology helps in these circumstances, but it’s not necessary, it’s convenient.  People do actually live this way, thrive this way.  Small families banning together to create small communities that are positively charged with happiness and freedom will work together to create larger communities.  

Communities full of positivity will lead to a better world —  not separate states and countries, but a world community.  Negative communities are a powerful soul sucking force, but those of us who are aware can spot this and not only stop it, but change it.  We don’t need boundaries and more land if we are happy with what we have.  Sure, let’s visit each other and learn about different cultures and see different forms of cooking, flavors, entertainment and so on.  But let’s all create it!  Create it for ourselves and with ourselves, for love not for hate or power.  For enjoyment for us all, not only for a few.


This, I believe, is why so many people turn to the many religions created by humans to try to understand something much bigger than us, beyond us, yet something of which we are a part.  Religion has never been the problem.  The institutionalization of religions has always been the problem.  It’s putting thoughts in a box and telling people that those thoughts are the only thoughts that matter and are real, all other thoughts shall not be thought and if they are, then you shall live in shame or not live at all.  The institutionalization of religions, and the people that run them, have been brainwashing people for centuries by telling people that anything besides what they say is brainwashing, conspiracy, sin.  It’s a power move, conditioning people to live in fear.

Maybe we shouldn’t be populating the world nearly as quickly as we are — I don’t think we should, yet Kait and I still decided to have children — but we aren’t going to have five children just because we feel like it.  We will start with our one little dude and assess what is best for us, him, our family, our community, the world, and potentially the future child before we decide to try to have another child.  

So maybe it isn’t just the sheer number of people on our fine planet, but it’s really more the way in which we are choosing to live our lives.  The choices you and I make every single day.


Kait and I having been keen on this and our understanding of this deepens as we are choosing to change our lives.  In changing our lives, we will live a happier and more free life, in turn further enriching the lives of those in our small family and community.  We hope to set Weston up to build upon what we will have started to continue to create, and change the tide, as we have done from our parents who set us up to understand more deeply and create our wonderful lives. 

Why are cancer and other diseases evolving and thriving? Maybe it’s because of all of the waves coursing through the air, or the overly human engineered processed food, or the chemicals being dumped into water supplies, or the chemicals being dumped into our air and atmosphere, or the decrease in human physical activity, or the decrease in human interaction, or the imbalance between the body and the mind. Maybe it’s the efficiency at which we try to live.

Or, maybe it’s because of the lack of love between humans, and between humans and nature. Or likely a combination of all of the above and more — 

Maybe while we are trying to make ourselves more efficient, trying to understanding everything, trying to save everything, and destroying everything in the meantime, we are actually missing life.




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  1. I loved this, it gives one something to think about. I particularly liked your ideas on religion. I think our friend Matthew would agree

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