The Magical Sleepsuit


Let’s take a few minutes to talk about Baby Merlin’s Magical Sleepsuit.  Damn, this thing is magical indeed!  Weston is about 17 weeks old and he had his best night of sleep in his tiny little life the first night we put him in the Magical suit.  He had entered into a sleep regression for about the past 2-3 weeks.  He went from waking up two or three times throughout the night, to awakening every 1-3 hours.  His naps regressed to shorter naps and it became more challenging to put him down.  We could only get 1-2 hour naps if we wore him.

Granted, the night before we used the magical suit and we just had him in his pj’s and a sleep sack, he had a great night as well.  He did, however, awaken about three times. The issue that he seemed to be having was his arm movement.  He would flail his arms and that would wake him.  He would take his pacifier out, that would wake him.  Those were the two biggest causes of awakening.  The magical suit significantly limits those possibilities, as it adds bulk which causes resistance and therefore slows his uncontrolled arm movements and makes it more difficult for him to bring his hands to his mouth. 

Weston slept from 7:30pm-4:20am, then from 4:40am-7:15am. He awoke gently and happily in the morning.  Kait only went in because she heard him cough and there was Weston just peaceful and smiling.  The subsequent nights followed with similar sleep patterns. 

Of course, I awoke at 3:40am concerned because we hadn’t heard anything.  Kait, also concerned, was awake too. So I walked in to check on him and he was sleeping beautifully.  He even hit me in the face when I got too close to him, but the suit prevented him from losing control and startling himself.  We know that not every night will be as good as these, and not every nap will be as smooth—they haven’t been even in the past day— but they are improving.  Baby Merlin’s Magical Sleepsuit is a nice transition. 


The other thing Weston did this weekend for the first time, or we actually did, was have him sleep in his crib in his own room for the entire night.  It worked out so much better for all of us.  Weston didn’t wake us with his little noises, and we didn’t wake him with our bathroom runs, coughing, sneezing, whispering, changing position, and so on.  We put Weston in his room from day one for naps and to start the night, then would always transition him into our room.  Perhaps this is why the transition into his room for the entire night was a breeze.  It also helped that the first two nights we did it, he slept extremely well.

We purchased the suite on for $15! It is a second use website.  The suit is extremely clean and in great condition. Of course, we washed it too.  We’ll keep it for a possible future child, and then hopefully pass it along as well.




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