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I’ve been away for a while.  Away from posting on the Observing Experience blog and instagram.  There has been a lot going on, all very good and exciting, some of which I will be sharing in some upcoming articles.  But here are some things I have been into and not into as of late.

I have had strong negative feelings and associations with social media recently, so I stopped posting on Instagram.  I do, from time to time, still post stories of Weston and Avett on my personal account, but I haven’t posted on my Observing Experience Instagram since November 1.  And, honestly, I don’t care when I’ll do it again.  I have always had this love-hate relationship with instagram.  I have never been consistent or willing enough to put in the time, work or money needed to grow my instagram following.  I’ll be consistent for a while and then need to step away.  I often tend to get lazy with it when I am gaining traction and I think part of that is because I know it’s superficial and a completely external validation thing that means nothing.  It gives me zero satisfaction in life.  I do, however, like to share photos and thoughts.  Hence the back and forth, love-hate relationship I have with it.  I like sharing photos for the art and the possibility that it might get others to look at something from a different angle. But, in the end, social media has always been a platform to try to reach more people.  So, I sponsor ads and posts on it to do just that.  I never expect it to become my job or income or for me to become an influencer.  I don’t want to influence, I want to guide and inspire.

Whale FB
An Ad I have going around right now to increase my visibility on Cape Cod

I’ll go on Instagram every few days for a short period of time.  There are a few people I love to follow right now, Jason Momoa currently at the top of my list.  This dude is pretty much awesome in every way.  Otherwise, Instagram has become a way to occasionally find some new products, get concert or album info, and for some very brief moments of entertainment.

I have long been disassociated with the Facebook platform.  I liked it back when it came out and I first had it in 2004, but not much since those college years.  Now, I have a business page for Logan Kinei to let people know that I do truly exist…I really am out here people!  And I have a page for Observing Experience to share these posts.  Twitter, forget it. Tried it twice, not for me.  Anything else, no thanks.  Oh, and if you try to reach me on Facebook, I probably won’t see it for a while.  I really don’t read comments or check messages because I simply don’t go on it.  Reach out through Logan Kinei or Observing Experience if you’d like to pass something along or chat or share hate or love.  (However, I’d prefer no hate!)

Kait and I have been trying to keep our screen time down and away from Weston.  You can see him already being attracted to the light and colors–watching us type, use our phones, watching the TV.  It’s really challenging though, as we both do a lot of work from home which requires computers.  We are doing our somewhat best, but we can do better.  That’s another reason I stopped putting time into Instagram, I’d rather be present in my life.

With that being said, there are a few shows that I am totally into right now.  The first two are Disney+ originals – The Mandalorian and The Imagineering Story.  Both are awesome. I also started Watchmen on HBO, but haven’t had the time to watch more than the first episode, which I really enjoyed.  I know there are shows and movies we are missing, but we’ll get around to them at some point.

We are still reading to Weston every night and to each other too.  After we finished Peter Pan we read Mary Poppins, which was great, though extremely different from the movie.  Mary was quite curt and a bit mean.  She did great things for the children but was cold.  I didn’t find her as easy to fall in love with as in the movie and actually questioned why the children were so sad to see her go.  I can definitely see a huge factor in her appeal was simply her being around and their experiencing new things with her.  Anyway, interesting story and interesting to read after knowing the movie so well from childhood through to now.


After Mary Poppins, Kait and I decided to start Bob Iger’s new book, The Ride of A Lifetime, which has been excellent so far.  Bob Iger has been the CEO of Disney since 2005 and not only has he brought the entire company back to its formative quality, but also upped the entertainment factor significantly, in my opinion.

Then my mother-in-law gave us this old book, We Chose Cape Cod by Scott Corbett, which is very relevant to us right now; so we put Bob Iger’s book on hold to read it.  The book is from the 1950’s and is quite entertaining for the most part.  There are some very dated references and phrases that I honestly do not understand. I go more into this in an upcoming post about why we are choosing to move to Cape Cod.

I also picked up Charlie Mackesy’s book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, the other day while picking up a Christmas present.  I started following him on Instagram last year after David Chang referred to him and turned me onto his work.  His drawings and stylings are incredible.  I love them and this book is full of them, with a story.  I only had to read the intro for it to quickly strike a chord.  I read it to Weston last night while Kait was finishing up an online class, and wow it is wonderful.  It is a book about friendship, kindness, curiosity, love, being true to yourself and being your true self.  And the artwork is really amazing.  I am very excited to read this book over and over again.

I hope this book encourages you, perhaps, to live courageously with more kindness for yourself and for others.  And to ask for help when you need it – which is always a brave thing to do.

– Charlie Mackesy, from the introduction of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

I highly recommend all three books if they seem to be of any interest to you, especially The Ride of A Lifetime and The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.  We Chose Cape Cod is pretty specific to Cape Cod and I think if you are in similar circumstances to ours, you should give it a read.  Actually, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse was just named Book of the Year by Barnes and Noble.  It is definitely a book that EVERYONE should read.

In the past I would burn through books on Audible, listening as I walk to and from clients.  But, as I wrote in a previous post, I’m not doing that right now.  I want to be in tune with my surroundings, so I’ve been passing on those moments.   I may have to start doing it again to consume all of these.  Lately, though, Kait and I have been into the same books, which doesn’t always happen.  So, we have been reading them together.  Starting by reading them out loud as part of Weston’s bedtime routine, and then continuing on afterwards.  I love it.  We both love it.  Maybe I’ll be able to hold off on putting in the earbuds, which in the past couple of months I have only used on my solo trip up to Cape Cod for our home inspection (we are moving to Cape Cod, I probably haven’t mentioned this yet, but have two upcoming posts about it).

We have a lot going on with our move: finalizing and setting up everything such as our mortgage for the new house, the movers, the contractor, picking out wood flooring, packing, health insurance, home and auto insurance, fence contractors, switching Logan Kinei to a Massachusetts business, finishing my final month with in-person clients in Philly, Thanksgiving, Christmas, finding a pediatrician, finding a vet, Kait leaving her corporate job, Kait starting real estate courses, figuring out how to grow our businesses, figuring out advertisements and trying to get new clients on Cape Cod, logistics of moving, being parents and so on.


Weston’s progressions with his abilities to control his body, understand us, and interact with this world have been so incredible to watch.  He is about 4.5 months old now and he is very vocal and generally happy.  My connection with him continues to grow daily and I love it.

I love what Kait is doing with Little Foot Living, and I look forward to watching her growth with sharing the importance and ease of sustainable living to others.  She is doing some personal shopping for people, which has been great.  Reach out if looking for some wardrobe assistance!   And she is about to begin the process of applying for her Massachusetts real estate license, while still being an amazing Mother and wife.

Life is wildly exciting right now.  Articles about why we are moving and why we chose Cape Cod are coming!


– Shaun✌️


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