Logan Kinei is Coming to Cape Cod: Private Physical Therapy, Fitness Training & Wellness Coaching

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My family and I are moving to Cape Cod, Eastham to be exact, in January 2020.  I am writing this to introduce myself and my business, Logan Kinei, that I will be bringing to the Cape.


My name is Shaun Logan.  My wife, Kait, and I decided we wanted to move to Cape Cod a few months ago and have been figuring out how to make it happen since.  We will be moving to Eastham and we are extremely excited about it!  We will be bringing our 4 month old son and 3 year old mini-goldendoodle.  Kait left her corporate retail job and I am moving my business to the Cape in the pursuit of living a life more closely in tune with nature.  These are my blog posts about why we are moving and how we came to choose Cape Cod.

In 2014, I started my business called Logan Kinei.  I started this business out of personal necessity.  I was miserable working in a traditional outpatient sports and orthopedic physical therapy clinic, tied down to the rule of health insurance companies and the health care system.  I couldn’t find a job that offered what I offer with Logan Kinei (still cannot) in the Philadelphia area— so I created my own.  Since then, I have been going strong, working with my amazing group of clients in Phila., many of whom I will continue to remotely work with through Logan Kinei Guide.

Learn more about Logan Kinei Guide here.

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Logan: My last name

Kinei: Greek kī́nēsis movement, equivalent to kīnē-, verbid stem of kīneîn to move

Logan Kinei has evolved over the years, but it simply started as a way for me to help people the best way I know how to.  In 2010, I graduated from Drexel University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (I also have a BS in Kinesiology from Penn State).  I worked for almost five years in the more traditional outpatient physical therapy clinics.  It was a great learning experience, but it is a very difficult model if the goal is to actually help and guide people.

The problems I face in the traditional settings is the control health insurance companies have over the care. The insurance companies do not want to pay for the true care people need, which is often many months or years of care.  The insurance companies also tend to not reimburse well. Therefore, to keep the doors of the physical therapy clinics open, the clinics have to increase the volume of people coming to get care.  As a result, a physical therapist will typically be treating anywhere from 2-4+ people at the same time.  It is impossible to provide the quality of care I believe in and know that people need when working with more than ONE person at a time.  The attention to detail, the in-depth conversation and connection just does not happen.  Also, health insurance companies will only pay for one injury and one body part to be treated at a time.  To get away from this model there is only one option, not to work with insurance companies.  This means that everyone I work with pays out of their own pocket.

This may initially sound crazy to some, mostly because health insurance companies do cover physical therapy – but, as I just mentioned, the care is never going to be the quality you deserve.  You also risk getting a lower quality therapist because the top therapists are few and far between.  When you pay out of pocket, you know what you are getting – high quality, genuine, trustworthy service.  You know how much it cost up front, no hidden bills, and no dealing with health insurance companies.

Logan Kinei is not just “physical therapy”.  The Logan Kinei approach has always been a mindful approach. Having an understanding of mindfulness helps me provide a complete mind-body approach, which has proven to help people progress in ways they could not previously, and helps many clients maintain their results with greater ease.

Where many personal trainers and fitness coaches progress too quickly and don’t understand regression, modification, pain and injury, I excel.  Where many people think and approach life within a box, I don’t see boxes.  I only see infinite potential.  I work with you at your level, with the intention of progressing you in an overall positive direction.

Logan Kinei is personal training, physical therapy, and life/health/wellness coaching, with a mindful approach made to benefit all.

With the physical body, I focus a lot on mobility.  Mobility being the control of your joints through the fully available range of motion.

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Sound similar to yoga? Yes and no.  Working with me will allow you get better at yoga, as well as any other fitness, athletic, or physical endeavor in life. The difference is that we won’t focus on flow or poses, we will focus on the mobility of individual joints so that the collective body will work better as a whole.

For those interested in working with the mind, we focus on letting go of fear based living, taking control of our own decisions, and understanding what we can control and can’t control in life.

Right now, I am accepting remote clients through Logan Kinei Guide.  In January/February I will be starting work with people in-person on the Cape.  I will be starting with in-home sessions (or working with you at your fitness facility, if they allow outside trainers) on the outer and lower cape, but I am open to traveling further, so please contact me if you are interested.  My plan is to convert our garage into a client studio to serve anyone who wants to travel to Eastham.  I also plan to try to set up some courses with the Nauset Community Education Program.  If there is anything within the community that I can help with or be a part of, please email me.

My family and I look forward to meeting you and becoming part of the community.  

Please check out testimonials from some of clients in Philadelphia over the past few years.  These are authentic and honest from very real people.

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Interested in learning more about me, peruse other articles on Observing Experience and check out LoganKinei.com



– Shaun ✌️


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  1. Hey Shawn, Welcome to the Cape. I’m interested in trying out a personal trainer. What do you charge?
    Cathy 508-430-4677

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