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Kait, Weston, Avett, and I are settling in nicely to our new home in Eastham.  Though we closed on our Philadelphia house and our Eastham house on January 7 and 9, respectively, we only just got into our house in Eastham two weeks ago.  Our closings and moving went as smoothly as possible, and the hardwood floors we had installed truly transformed our house.  We still have a lot of work to do on the house, like putting our clothes away, painting, getting a new mantle, slowly changing lighting.  But, our next and first project has to be building compost bins!

We are loving our house and loving living on Cape Cod so far.   Everything about it.  Kait and I are frequently saying how right this move is for us, and how perfect our house, property, and location feel.  The fact that we hopped on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, just a short walk from our house was awesome.

For those people, and there are many, who have questioned our move to the outer cape and said how boring and desolate it is… are incorrect!  We love the bit of privacy and peace we have, but there have been plenty of people everywhere we have gone.

Just yesterday, we took my parents on a nature walk in P’town.  We did the Hatches Harbor trail to Race Point Lighthouse, which was lovely.  When we arrived, there was no one in the parking lot.  When we left, the lot was full.  Granted, the lot only holds about six cars, but this is in the middle of February and we saw three cars pull in and drive away because they had nowhere to park.  We see people walking by our house every day walking their dogs, and there are more houses on our street here now than there are not.  We also had to make a reservation at PB Boulangerie to be able to eat there while my parents visited. Anyway, there is plenty to do and plenty of people around, but not too many.  It’s quite nice.

With us starting to settle in, Logan Kinei is starting to get into form!  For those of you who are confused between Logan Kinei and Observing Experience, here is a little explanation:


Logan Kinei is my business.  It is an actual business entity and LLC through which I work privately with people as a physical therapist, fitness trainer, and wellness/life guide.  In the near future Logan Kinei will be offering nature wellness experiences, which I’ll touch on a little later in this post.

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Observing Experience is my blog.  The two cross over significantly, but this is where I share my thoughts, feelings, life and business updates.  I also interact with people through Observing Experience on social media (Instagram and Facebook).

When we knew that our move to Eastham was officially in the works, I posted a few ads and sponsored a blog post on social media. I received a lot of great comments and responses to my posts about being here, so thank you all.  I have also had several meetings with very kind people, all of which I appreciate and from which I gained something.  Other meetings never lined up or just weren’t the right fit for me or I wasn’t the right fit for them.  It’s all cool and it’s been really great just connecting with new people and having new conversations. I have had a few new private client assessments and some of my clients from Philly set up remote sessions.

One of my most exciting meetings was with the owner of Stowaway Guesthouse in Provincetown.  He is creating a wellness center as a part of Stowaway, for which I will be offering wellness experiences. Hopefully you’ll join me!

I am going to be putting together a preliminary calendar of events soon.  Please see below:

Logan Kinei Wellness Experiences:

  • Nature Walks/Hikes
    • Starting in Spring!
      • I am going to be exploring different hiking paths throughout the outer Cape, so anyone who is interested please reach out — send me an email, message through instagram, or  — I’ll let you know where and what time.
    • Nature Walks are going to include:
      • 15 minute mobility warm-up led by me
      • Walk through and connect with nature
        • Approximately 1 – 6 miles
          • Distance, location/trail, and difficulty will be noted on calendar
      • Silence, meditation, and discourse
    • Logan Kinei Nature Walks are amazing, here is why:
      • Accountability
      • Connection with Nature
      • Active Movement
      • Guided Mobility
      • Connect with one another and share energy from being around other people
    • Up to 10 people
  • Group Mobility Class 
    • Joint by joint approach to active stretching
    • More on this later
  • Discourse/Group Talks
    • Life, Spirituality, Body-Mind, Sustainability/Environment, Creativity, etc
    • More on this later
  • Private Sessions
    • 1 on 1 or Small group (up to 4)
    • Physical Therapy, training, health/wellness/life guidance
    • By appointment only — AVAILABLE NOW


And I am working on some Workshop Ideas:

  • Learn About Your Body Workshop
    • A Joint by Joint Mobility to Reduce Joint Pain, Improve Flexibility, and Make You Better At Everything
    • This will be a series.
      • Either one big series or five individual series focusing on how to move — to keep or get the major joints of the body moving good and feeling good.
    • 1. Lower Back
    • 2. Hip, Pelvis & Knee
    • 3. Neck and Upper Back
    • 4. Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist
    • 5. Foot & Ankle


  • Body-Mind-Beyond – 2 hours – One per Month or Two per Month
    • I was messing around with this over the summer in Philadelphia.  It was really nice and felt great, and I had a great response from those who participated.
      • 25 Minutes of Mobility
      • 25 Minutes of Breath Work
      • 25 Minutes Meditation or Nature Walk or Beach Walk
      • 25 Minutes Discourse (group conversation)

Check Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experience Events Calendar for Dates, Times, Locations and Sign-ups.  I’ll be updating this calendar regularly so keep your eye on it.

If you have questions about a particular trail or time of the year you are visiting and what I am offering, please contact me at


In other news, Weston is now 7 months old, sprouting his first tooth, fully sitting up, and loving eating food! Avett is adjusting nicely to his new freedom with our fenced in yard, all of the wild life, neighboring dogs, and so forth.  He loves to sprint and dig and play, and seeing him enjoy the nature, as it is his true nature, is a great joy for us. 

We also had a great trip to St. John in January.  It was incredibly beautiful, though it is still rebuilding and regenerating from the hurricanes that hit a few years ago.

I am very much looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days!


– Shaun✌️

2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Living & Nature Experiences

  1. I applaud your family’s sense of adventure. We rent in Wellfleet ( for over 26 yrs)-Indian Neck, off season. I’ve lived in Martha’s Vineyard through all seasons.
    Two points: beware & prepare for deer ticks. Alcoholism is prevalent. The library is a hub for info & community contact. You must appreciate your anglo advantage; you are able to buy a home when so many must work 3 jobs to barely afford a rental.
    Politics are local & so are sharks. Enjoy yr profoundly beautiful surroundings.
    Heidi/ Woodstock, NY

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