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Kait and I set out for a hike with Weston and Avett.  There are definitely plenty of places to hike/walk with dogs on the Outer Cape, but a lot of the National Seashore trails are not pet friendly.  I get it.  The National Park Services is there to protect the land and wildlife.  A lot of the pet friendly paths are paved, which is cool at times but we wanted nature all around us, including under our feet.  I had just done Woods Walk in North Truro yesterday, so we set out to Great Island in Wellfleet today.

We like to go early, between 8-10am and beat most of the crowds.  We got out a little later today, but still beat the crowds.  I looked at the trail on the computer, but things can be quite different when you are actually out there.  I wasn’t sure which trail was the short trail, the 1.9 mile Great Island Trail and The Gut.  But, we figured we could always just turn around if needed.  The other trails are Great Island Trail at 4.7 miles, and Great Island Extended Trail at 6.3 miles (according to alltrails.com).  We didn’t want to go out too long since we had Weston and Avett with us.

So, we set out.  I was wearing Weston in our Boba carrier and Kait had Avett on his leash.  The walk from the primary parking lot to the trail is a wooded area with deep steps going down a hill to the outer banks of Wellfleet Harbor.  As soon as you walk down to the harbor there are signs about Great Whites in the waters and seals that hang on the beach there.  The view is beautiful.

The trail heads around the harbor where you can walk across a dune to the beach of Cape Cod Bay, or continue down the trail.  Then there is another decision to be made a little further along— continue straight walking in soft sand, essentially walking along the dunes, or go up a pretty steep incline into the Wooded Area, or go left to follow along the outer edge of the island and harbor.

We stayed between the dunes and up on the bay side of the Wooded Area.  The terrain was soft sand for much of it, which, in my opinion, makes it challenging.  Up in the Wooded Area the trail is a firmer more orangey sand. We then cut across to the beach at some point and walked back along the shoreline.  This took us about 90 minutes.  It was a beautiful day, starting to feel like Spring, though we know it is just a tease!

When we got back to the parking area, there were about three times the cars and we passed about four different groups heading out.  Kait and I loved this walk and the varying terrains, landscapes, and water views of Cape Cod Bay and Wellfleet Harbor.

Overall, I’d say this is a relatively easy trail if you can walk well in sand.  However, I would also say that it is challenging because of the sand and potentially challenging because of the distance one could choose to walk.

Great Island will be in regular rotation of Logan Kinei Nature Experience, including Sunset Beach Walk!


Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Great Island Trail, Wellfleet

Time for entire experience: 

  • Varying
    • 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours – The “Gut” – approx. 1.9 miles
    • 2-3 hours – Great Island Trail – approx. 3-4 miles
    • 4-4.5 hours – Great Island Extended Trail to Jeremy Point Overlook – approx. 6 miles
  • Sunset Beach Experience
    • Great Island Beach will also be one of the beaches we visit for Sunset Experiences!


  • Easy to Moderate
    • The “Gut”
  • Moderate
    • Great Island Trail
  • Difficult
    • Great Island Extended to Jeremy Point Overlook
  • You must be able to walk on soft sand for a while and climb steep inclines with potentially soft sand

Included in Logan Kinei Nature Experience:

  • Intro Meet and Greet
  • Mobility Warm-Up with light breathwork
  • Nature Walk / Hike
    • First Half Silent – Meditative
    • Half way through come together to have a little talk
    • Second Half – talk or be silent, your choice
  • Light breathwork and mobility finish

Be prepared for:

  • Ticks in wooded areas
  • Sun Protection – You will be out in the sun for 99% of the experience
  • Potential Wild Life interaction
  • Bathroom – Porta potty in parking lot
  • No Water (please bring your own water or purchase a Logan Kinei Water Bottle and we will bring it filled with fresh clean water)
  • Uneven Terrain


  • Great Island Trail, Wellfleet, MA
    • 1440 Chequessett Neck Rd, Wellfleet, MA 02667

Check Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experience Events Calendar for Dates, Times, Locations and Sign-ups.  I’ll be updating this calendar regularly so keep your eye on it.

If you have questions about a particular trail or time of the year you are visiting and what I am offering, please contact me at inquiries@logankinei.com



– Shaun✌️

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