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Fort Hill is about a three minute drive from our home, so we decided we would get in a quick walk on such a beautiful day.  The sky was clear and crisp but with a light breeze and a high of about 49 degrees.  Great condition for a nature walk, especially in February.  

Fort Hill had been intriguing to me because it is so close and we pass signs for it all of the time.  If you look it up, people describe the trail as super easy and more of a “walk” or a “stroll” than a hike.  This is true.  It is very easy.  Pretty flat and a mixture of dirt and stones.  When you get to the Red Maple Swamp Trail it is actually a composite type boardwalk that winds you through the swamp.  Part of the trail is also paved.  There were a lot of older people strolling along the trail on a Monday around noon.

Fort Hill area looks out over Nauset Marsh, where you can see across the way to Coast Guard Beach area.  When we first walked down from the parking on the hill we took a right, instead of a left where the trail actually goes.  The trail to the right took us out to the bank of the salt marsh.  We walked along that a bit until it felt like it might turn into a bad idea due to each step showing more mud under the flattened straw and more water.  So we turned around and headed back along the main trail.

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We inadvertently ended up on Red Maple Swamp Trail and went out to Hemenway Landing.  Instead of going back on the main trail to the Fort Hill parking area, we went along the marsh again.  This time it started out as a dirt path that quickly led to walking on the flattened straw again and then finally both of our feet being submerged into enough water for it to enter our sneakers.  There are cleared paths up to the main path, which we easily found and headed back up to our car.

The walk was easy, but it was also nice.  There are several signs that say the area is a “Deer Tick Habitat”, which is definitely good to know but not exciting in any way.  The trail pamphlet says, “Remain on designated trails to reduce exposure to disease-carrying insects, poison ivy, and other risks.”

Though this is a nice trail, I think I will keep it off of the Logan Kinei Nature Experience list for now.  It doesn’t quite hit the intentions of the Experiences.  But, we’ll head back out there as the foliage changes and reassess.

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