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It was a grey gloomy day on the Cape but it was one of the only days where it was not going to rain nor the temperatures drop down into the 30’s over the next few days, so I wanted to get out to explore another trail.  I have been exploring the trails on the Outer Cape to prepare for the Logan Kinei Nature Experiences that I am going to start to offer in April, and that will increase in frequency going into the summer season.

Logan Kinei Nature Experiences are one of a few wellness experiences I am starting on the Cape.  Learn more about Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences.

Along with preparing for Logan Kinei Nature Experiences, one of the reasons Kait and I moved to Cape Cod was to get out into nature more often.  So, as much as these walks/hikes are research, they are for us. We are reaping the many benefits of spending time together and hanging out in nature.

This was my fourth hike in five days, three of which I had carried Weston in my Boba wrap.  He’s about 18lbs now and it just adds another challenge, and today it was the most challenging.  I started out a bit fatigued in my legs and my shoulders, and we chose to go out on Dune Shack Trail or Sand Dune Trail — same trail, just have seen it referred to both ways.  As the names suggest, the trail is through the dunes of Provincetown which means it is 100% sand.  Most of it being soft sand.

For this trail, you park your car on the side of route 6 and the trail head is right there, congruent to Snail Road.  At the start of the trail there is a National Park Services information sign describing the artist shacks that are out on the dunes.  It’s a good quick read.

The trail, pretty much immediately, ascends up a significant incline of a dune.  The muscle burn onsets very quickly!  Once we got up to the top, we were taken aback by the incredible vastness and beauty of the dunes.  The beauty continued all the way through the walk.  If you stay on the primary trail, it is a 2.4 mile loop (according to AllTrails), but there are a ton of other trails where you can get lost a bit.  So of course that is what we did.  Starting out on the trail, the primary trail goes pretty much straight North to the Atlantic Ocean, then turns around on the beach and heads back towards Rt. 6.

At some point after we had gone over the large dunes, we went right, which is East and we went pretty far East.  I am guessing that we added on at least another mile.  We ended up walking around for about two hours, but it’s a bit slower because of the sand.  It was great.  It wasn’t like we lost a trail at all, we just took much less traveled trails, which we love.

We made our way to the beach.  Wow, what a large beach with beautiful soft white sand that stretched as far as we could see.  There were the artists shacks at the top of the dune overlooking the beach.  We walked along the beach with the ocean moving and grooving, fog had rolled in and we were the only people out there.  It was pure beauty.  Kait kept saying, “I feel like we are in a poem or a romantic novel or maybe this is a dream.”

On the beach, though there were no humans in sight, there were many remnants of humans in the form of trash.  There were trap cages, plastic bottles, various buoys and styrofoam and plastic throughout the beach — a sad contrast to the rest.

As we found our way back to the main trail off of the beach, we headed back up another steep incline of soft sand into the dunes.  So much more beauty all around.  We easily followed the main trail back to our car, though the fatigue was setting in, we loved every moment of it.  The temperature was actually perfect, mid 40’s with no sun beating down on us.  The grey in the sky and fog made for some amazing photos, especially in black and white (those photos are at the end).

So far, this is one of Kait and my favorite nature experiences.  The photos really don’t do it justice at all.  You can’t get all of the contrast in colors or the vastness of the expansive dunes.  You can’t experience the nature—the wind, the ocean, the sounds, the smells, the colors, the feeling of the sand—from photos.  Get out there and experience it!

This Nature Experience will definitely be a hot one in sun and in the summer, but still worth it.  Look out for when we’ll be hitting Dune Shack Trail.

Even with my fatigue, physically (and tight groin), from the walk, it gives me so much energy.  It helps my mind to focus, to open up, to allow creativity to flow.  It has helped me gain so much clarity in how and what I want to do with Logan Kinei Wellness and Nature Experiences.  All of these practices truly make me a better father, better husband, better dog dad, and a better all around human, who I too, prefer.


Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Dune Shack Trail, Provincetown

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Time for entire experience:

  • 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours – Main Trail
  • 2.5-3.5 hours – Getting Lost


  • Moderate to Difficult
    • You must be able to walk on soft sand for a while and climb steep inclines with soft sand – at the start, throughout, and end.  It’s an easy trail otherwise and mostly easy at the start.
      • Walking in the sand is difficult.  
      • The Main Trail, a shorter experience, is moderate
      • The Getting Lost, a longer experience, is difficult


  • Intro Meet and Greet
  • Mobility Warm-Up with light breathwork
  • Nature Walk / Hike
    • First Half Silent – Meditative
    • Half way through come together to have a little talk
    • Second Half – talk or be silent, your choice
  • Light breathwork and mobility finish

Be prepared for:

  • Sun Protection – You will be out in the sun for 99% of the experience
  • Potential Wild Life interaction
  • No Bathroom
  • No Water (please bring your own water or purchase a Logan Kinei Water Bottle and we will bring it filled with fresh clean water)
  • 100% Sand


  • Dune Shack Trail – Rt 6 & Snail Road in Provincetown – Northbound side

Check Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experience Events Calendar for Dates, Times, Locations and Sign-ups.  I’ll be updating this calendar regularly so keep your eye on it.

If you have questions about a particular trail or time of the year you are visiting and what I am offering, please contact me at inquiries@logankinei.com


– Shaun✌️



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