Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Fox Bottom Area Trails, Truro

(aka Great Dunes Trail on AllTrails)

Bluff Ocean View, Truro, Cape Cod, MA
View of the Atlantic Ocean from the dune bluff off of the Fox Bottom Area Trails in Truro, MA on Cape Cod

It was the nicest day we have had since we moved to Cape Cod.  A high of 59 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze.  We had to get out into nature.  We went to Eastham Town Hall early to get our Presidential Primary Election vote cast, then we waited for Weston’s nap time and headed up to Truro to explore a new trail and new area.

I am figuring out that the dramatic views of the ocean, beach, and wooded areas are top on my list of things to experience while out exploring the trails.  So, we ended up picking this trail, which on All Trails is called “Great Dunes Trail”, but I find that a bit deceiving. I like Fox Bottom Area Trails because there are many trails to take in these woods, which is apparently called Fox Bottom.  The woods and trails go between truly dramatic and incredible dunes and Collins Rd.  When I searched Fox Bottom in Truro, a lot of mountain biking trail sites showed up, which are in the same area.  Fox Bottom is also just a better name.

Fox Bottom Area Trail is just as you enter into Truro from Wellfleet off of Rt 6.  You take a right onto Rose Road and then another right onto Collins Road.  The trails are off of Collins Rd. and the only option to park is on the side of the road.  There wasn’t much parking where we parked, maybe three more cars could have fit there, if we squeezed in.  There are actually several trails heading into the woods between Collins Road and the beach, which can be seen on AllTrails.

Winding Road Through National Sea Shore, Truro, MA.jpg

We parked right at the opening for a trail head, put Weston in Kait’s Boba wrap and headed into the woods!   I’m talking about some serious woods, like 90% woods on this trail.  We followed the primary trail, as we didn’t want to be out to too long.  All Trails has the trail mapped at 2.6 miles, but we went on some other trails, so we may have done a little longer but not much.  There were a lot of hills on this hike.  I didn’t think anything of them, but Kait thought they were tough.  I have come to the pretty obvious conclusion that carrying a 18+ pound baby makes all walks somewhat to significantly more challenging.  This walk really was easy.

Sure, there are some slippery areas with the pine needles, and roots sticking out, of course, but it is a well defined trail for the most part.  The actual difficult part is that the trail is through the woods with some over grown areas.  In certain areas, especially coming back towards the road when we took a different path, the trail was narrowed quite a bit from the surrounding trees and various plant life.  So rubbing on potential poison ivy or more easily attracting ticks was unavoidable.

As we walked towards the Atlantic Ocean we eventually came to an area that opened up and the foliage started to change.  You could tell we were close to the dunes.  The trail turned from dirt and dead pine needles to sand.  And let me tell you, WHAT A SPECTACULAR VIEW.  The dunes are great, they are magnificent.  Similar to Woods Walk, it was like a giant cliff.  Not quite as high or steep, and totally different terrain from Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, but that’s the comparison that always comes to my mind.  Best I can tell, the beach you look over from the incredible dunes is between Ballston Beach in Truro and White Crest Beach in Wellfleet.

Ballston Beach is the beach that the Pamet Area Trails overlook.

The dunes and bluffs truly are spectacular and should be experienced in person.  Photos and videos do not do it any justice.  It’s difficult to get the perspective and really it’s about the entire experience – feeling the wind, hearing and smelling the ocean, watching the energy of the ocean, the wind blow through the dune grass.

We sat at the top of the dune for a bit while Kait nursed Weston.  It was my favorite part.  I love it.

Something so unique and beautiful about the National Seashore is the transition between the forrest or woods and the dunes to the beaches and oceans.  The plants change. The surface soil changes, and the landscape changes.  It’s quite lovely.  I found the transition in the Fox Bottom Area to be quick and the great dune seemed to just appear.  The forest felt like we were in a fairytale, as usual, and then boom—this giant bluff with the ocean.  It’s incredible nature.

Then we headed back through the woods to the car.  As mentioned, the trail we took back was a bit more overgrown, probably less traveled than the trail we took out.  The trail back had several offshoots and we took one instead of going back on the same one we took out.  Keep that in mind if you are going out on your own.  It is still easy to tell where the trail goes, it’s simply a bit more narrow and overgrown.



And, since we ended up coming back on a different trail, it took us out to a different part of Collins Rd.  We simply walked along Collins Rd to get to our car.  I chose this path knowingly because I wanted to see another part of the trail.  I don’t know about other times of the year, but Collins Rd right now, in March, is pretty dead.  We saw maybe three other cars drive by when we arrived, when we walked on the road, when we checked each other for ticks, and when we left.

Road Through National Sea Shore, Truro, MA

This is the first trail where we actually found ticks on us, about ten between the three of us.  The first I saw was crawling on little Weston’s face.  Luckily I saw it and flicked it off.  We found the rest crawling on our clothes, but none burrowing into us.  I’d be wary doing this trail in the summer.  Wearing proper clothing definitely helps – long sleeves, high socks, pants, and a hat.

I really like this trail, a lot.  We ended up being out there for an hour and a half.  I think I may incorporate it into Logan Kinei Nature Experiences in the Spring and Fall, when the weather isn’t too hot.  This trail, however, does not allow much space for mobility work, so breathwork, nature walk, connection, and beautiful views are the deal.


Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Fox Bottom Area Trails, Truro

Time for entire experience: 

1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours 30 minutes

– Depending on trails and time spent at the dunes



    • You must be able to:
      • Inclines and declines – slopes and stairs
      • Some Sand


    • Breathwork
    • Connection! with people & nature & yourself
    • Meditative Walk/Hike in Nature – led by Shaun Logan
        • Silent meditative walk in nature
        • Group discussions
    • Beautiful nature
      • Woods
      • Dune with spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean

Be prepared for:

    • Sun Protection
    • Potential Wild Life interaction
    • Ticks!!!
    • No Bathroom
    • No Water (please bring your own water or purchase a Logan Kinei Water Bottle and we will bring it filled with fresh clean water)
    • inclines and declines – slopes
    • Sand
    • Walk quickly


    • Exact Coordinates for Google Maps: 41.978960, -70.029020
    • Can also put Collins Rd, Truro, MA 02667 into Google Maps and it takes you pretty close to those coordinates
      • ***Don’t put in Fox Bottom, that will take you down another road about 5 minutes***

Check Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experience Events Calendar for Dates, Times, Locations and Sign-ups.  I’ll be updating this calendar regularly so keep your eye on it.

If you have questions about a particular trail or time of the year you are visiting and what I am offering, please contact me at inquiries@logankinei.com

– Shaun✌️

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