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Race Point Lighthouse

We had been in our new home in Eastham for about two weeks when my parents came to visit for the first time.  They drove up from South Jersey.  I knew I wanted to go out on a walk through one of the great National Seashore trails while they were here.  My Mom has been dealing with a pretty bad knee issue that I have been guiding her though, but she would do the walk with one crutch to help her be able to take some stress off of it.  She wanted to do the walk and felt good about it.

I ended up picking Hatches Harbor & Race Point Lighthouse trail.  It didn’t seem super long or difficult.  Pretty straight forward, and it was, at least up to Hatches Harbor.

It was a chilly day, mostly because of the wind.  The trail was quite windy and only got more windy as we walked towards the beach.

There is a small parking lot that fits about six cars off Province Lands Rd.  I think we had a good amount of rain leading up to that day and the trail reflected that.  There were several large icy puddles early on along the trail.  Easy to maneuver around, but just had to walk along the edge of the puddle or on a small side trail (so guessing the water is there often).

Race Point Lighthouse is out on the tip of the Cape in Provincetown.  The tip is not the northern most part, that is actually Race Point Beach.  Race Point Lighthouse is a bit more south and west, as the land curves around.  Hatches Harbor is a harbor where the land breaks from the beach around the north-west side and heads down south.  After the Hatches Harbor break in the beach you hit Herring Cove Beach.

Herring Cove Beach and Race Point Beach will be locations for Sunset Beach Experiences.

So, as we headed down the trail towards Race Point Beach, the land started to open up.  In the far distance to the left we could see the lighthouse.  It didn’t seem that far off, but it was.  The trail continued down along the east side of Hatches Harbor until we hit some dunes.  The views were lovely.  We were there at low tide, so not sure how far the water comes in at high tide, but we could walk down off the trail too.

There are two ways you can go to get to the lighthouse and beaches.  You can go straight, which Kait and I did.  We ended up leaving my parents behind so we could each walk at our own pace.  Kait and I walked into the dunes, which was complete sand.  Soft sand is challenging to walk on.  So we kind of followed footsteps of past walkers and took what seemed like the most direct path to the lighthouse. There seemed to be many directions to explore around the dunes out there.  My parents, my mom with her crutch and injured knee, even walked over some of the soft sand dunes.  These aren’t huge dunes, but it was probably not the best idea for her to do that.

The Race Point Lighthouse is definitely cool and the view of Hatches Harbor to Cape Cod Bay is wonderful.  The wind was kicking and chilly, and with Weston strapped on to me, we didn’t linger too long.  On the way out I noticed there was another way to get to Hatches Harbor trail from Race Point Lighthouse, so we took it.  It goes around the inner dunes, instead of over, and follows the edge of the dune as it meets, what I assume is part of the harbor bed. This was faster and easier.

The rest of the trail back was the same trail as the way out.  It’s an enjoyable walk and the lighthouse area is cool.  It is about 3.3 miles according to All Trails.  We walked it in about 55 minutes.

We were the only people out there when we arrived. On our walk back out to the parking area we passed several groups and the parking lot was full when we got back.  This is the most popular trail I have encountered so far, but it was also Presidents’ Day Weekend.  I imagine this trail will be busy in-season.  I’ll hit this trail again as Spring takes over.



Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Hatches Harbor & Race Point Lighthouse, Provincetown

Time for entire experience: 

1.5 – 2.5 hours


Easy – Moderate

    • You must be able to:
      • Inclines and declines – slopes and stairs
      • Some Sand


    • Mobility and breathwork
    • Connection! with people & nature & yourself
    • Meditative Walk/Hike in Nature
        • Silent meditative walk in nature
        • Group discussions
    • No Technology!

Be prepared for:

    • Sun Protection
    • Potential Wild Life interaction
    • Ticks
    • No Bathroom
    • No Water (please bring your own water or purchase a Logan Kinei Water Bottle and we will bring it filled with fresh clean water)
    • inclines and declines – slopes and stairs
    • Sand
    • Walk quickly


    • Hatches Harbor Trail, Province Lands Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657


Check Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experience Events Calendar for Dates, Times, Locations and Sign-ups.  I’ll be updating this calendar regularly so keep your eye on it.

If you have questions about a particular trail or time of the year you are visiting and what I am offering, please contact me at inquiries@logankinei.com


– Shaun✌️

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