Can COVID-19 Introduce Necessary Change


I want to share some thoughts on this COVID-19 global pandemic. I’m not going to talk about the disease at all or what I think people should do.  I want to talk about what this disease is bringing to light.  There are several big ideas that have stood out to me during this so far, so here they are…

Fear.  I think that most people in our society let fear guide their lives.  Here are a few things that happen when fear guides our lives:

  • We do not think for ourselves.
  • We are more stressed.
  • Our immune system is compromised.
  • Our judgement is clouded and we make poor decisions.
  • We do not lead with gratitude, joy, kindness, peace.
  • We tend to try to be “better” than other people or other species – we think we are the center of the universe.
  • We have no awareness.
  • We are anxious, depressed, sad.
  • We tend to get sick more often.

This leads me into the notion of the collective mind.  The collective mind is the idea that the mind of all of the people that make up cultures, communities, and societies have a tendency to think alike.  People who think for themselves think differently than the collective and are often referred to as weird-o’s or outcasts or conspiracy theorists or genius.  Part of the collective mind is a result of media—all media—social media, local news, national news, global news, magazines, newspapers, tv shows, movies, ads, as well as corporations, schools, teams, friends, families… 

Personally, I do not watch the news, ever.  I haven’t watched it in years and I still stay informed.  It is so negative and portrays a fear based living that is leading to the destruction of everything.  We choose to watch, listen, follow, join, lead, or not.  I think we should all be questioning everything that we hear.  We should be vetting every piece of information that enters our personal atmosphere.  We have to make decisions for ourselves.  This is what I believe we refer to as common sense.  I think if we actually evaluated it, common sense wouldn’t prove to be common at all.


Our current situation has also brought to light our society’s relationship with money. One of the greatest fears coming out of COVID-19 is—what about the money?  I certainly feel it. I haven’t had steady work since we moved from Philadelphia in the end of December.  Kait parted ways with her corporate job in November 2019.  We are at a point where we really need to get things going financially.  However, we have been enjoying life so much just living.  And don’t get me wrong, we are working on our own terms on things we enjoy, just not making much or any money doing so.

With COVID-19, companies (and the people who run them) seem more worried about making or losing money than they are about spreading or containing the virus.  Peoples’ bills and loans aren’t placed on hold just because their work is, which leads people to have to stress about how they can continue to cover their responsibilities rather than prioritize the prevention and containment of the virus.

Check out this mindbodygreen podcast, she sheds some more light on actually living life: Why It’s Bad To Self-Identify As An Introvert & The Health Benefits Of Small Talk With Celeste Headlee


We need to help each other by actually living as a community instead of trying to out do everyone else.  I wish I could do all of my work for free.  I would 100% still do all of it, and I would enjoy all of it so much more.  I have hardly made any money over the past three months and I am happier than I have been since I was probably of an age where the concerns of money were not mine but my parents. But we have bills to pay.

We have a government and nation (a larger community) who is more concerned with money than survival of our species and this planet.  Money only matters because we say it does.  I feel like I have to make a certain amount of money to be able to keep my home, to travel a little, to help provide things for my family, to not get caught up in the mess of the government systems.  I don’t want to, but I feel like I have to if I want to be a part of this society in any possible way.


This situation also highlights the destruction we have been doing to the Earth.  With fear and money being at the forefront of the collective mind we have been quickly increasing the destruction of our home, Earth.  We all live on Earth.  It is likely going to be our only option for a home in this universe.  Whoever denies that climate change and changes to this Earth are happening, really needs to explore that thought and move beyond it.

There is an underlying energy that connects every single living thing on Earth.  It is every unexplainable thing that we encounter.  Every single thing that just simply happens, like our heart beating or a baby growing.  Some people call it God or consciousness or awareness or light or life.  This is how we can have collective thoughts and feelings.  However, these thoughts, feelings, sensations that we experience through our body-mind are all finite, they are all fleeting.  We choose which ones we hang on to and which we can move on from. We tend to miss the underlying thing that truly matters, that we are all connected and that this energy is the essence of the circle of life.  It is the only thing that matters and all that it wants from us is to be a part of the circle.  Take what we need to live happily and peacefully and give back in the process or when we are done.

Yet humans tend to take, take, take, take, take, and then take some more.  We act as though we are the center of the universe, that we are the sole things keeping this energy going.  Well, this Earth and Universe and life have been around a whole lot longer than humans and will be here when humans are gone.  The energy – nature, Earth, the Universe – will find a way to get rid of us before we destroy it forever.  If we all just live with more gratitude and peace and harmony with each other – people, animals, nature – then we can all live extremely fruitfully together. 

The spreading of a virus like COVID-19 is not crazy.  It’s kind of obvious.  We are living a life of fear. A life based on the thoughts and feelings derived from a rotted collective mind.  Somewhere along the line consumption and selfish gain took priority over consciousness and working together. This has resulted in the destruction of our health, the earth, and all of the earth’s resources. We have created an atmosphere of emotional and literal deprivation, stripping ourselves and our planet of the elements we need to survive, allowing disease and destruction to prey on our now vulnerable and weak remains. 

Why do more diseases and viruses tend to happen in the winter?  My guess is that it’s mostly due to us spending less time in nature, with less sunlight.  We are less active, less social, and experience life less.  We tend to stuff ourselves into tight spaces with little air and germs spread.  People do not practice good personal hygiene, which typically means that they do not care enough about themselves to then care enough about other people.


So what can we do about it.  Stop.  Take a breath.  Recognize fear, stress, anxiety, angst.  Make decisions for ourselves based around love, peace, gratitude and kindness.  Once we set ourselves on the right path, then we can share it with others.  This isn’t all or nothing advice, it should be ongoing throughout our entire life.  But this is how we can slow down viruses and disease.  How we can live happier.  Breathe, sleep, meditate, move, journal, play, interact, go into nature (the beach, woods, your backyard, whatever), express gratitude, and give back to people and nature.


– Shaun✌️

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