My Letter To The Ocean


This letter has also been featured on The Outbound Collective!

Dear Ocean,

Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I am sorry.

I am sorry for all that humans have been doing to you without care for you and those who live within you. I am sorry for all of the oil. I am sorry for all of the plastic. I am sorry for all of the unnecessary taking of life without regard for you or the life being taken. I am sorry that humans take, take, take, take, take and give very little in return. We have not been doing our part in our relationship while you’ve done nothing but be spectacular.

I love you but I am also scared of you.  

You are the definition of beauty. You bring me to awe every single time I see you. The sun looks better over you. The moon looks better reflecting on you. Humans are better when they are around you.

You have a way of connecting to the true essence of life and bringing people to that connection. Even when the majority of people are completely unaware.

You are healing.

You are life.

I have been scared of you for much of my life. Not scared enough to not play in your waves or go on boats and so forth, but scared of your immense power and depth of secrets.

Now, I see those as magical, though still a bit scary to this wee human.

I’ve always wanted to learn to surf but never have. I’m still open to it, but not necessarily with the amount of great whites hanging around the Cape these days. I see it as their home and I respect that.

Now, I want to learn to sail, to harness the wind and be a wayfinder. I’d like to sail from Cape Cod to the Caribbean.  If that ever happens, then I’d maybe love to go further.  Is that cool with you?

I’ll do my best to help others understand your importance.

I’ll be seeing you a lot. Thank you!




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