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I shared this Rich Roll Podcast episode with Zach Bush on Logan Kinei and Observing Experience social media, but I know a lot of people don’t listen to podcasts – especially one that is one hour and fifty minutes. However, this topic is one of the most important things that we all need to hear and understand.

I wrote down notes from the episode that I find important and astounding, so I am going to share them with you.  Most of these come from Zach Bush, MD, so I am not going to quote all of them, just assume it is a quote or summary of what he said….

Notes from A Pandemic Of Possibility – Rich Roll Podcast

  • There has been so much fear around coronavirus because we feel vulnerable, not only to the disease but also to the collapse of our societal systems.
  • We are just the tip of biology on the Earth. The microbiome is always for life. It’s never against life.  If it appears that the microbiome is threatening us or killing us, it is because we have misaligned ourselves with nature, at a large level. And we need to realign ourselves with that. And we need to start thinking about what it looks like to be within our moment. … with a respect of human life. With a respect of animal life that is not happening on the planet.
  • It is a problem when we are killing 60 billion animals a year for human consumption. That is a global problem. It is a bigger problem that those 60 billion animals are largely being held in captivity in these extremely toxic, in-humane levels of management. If we see viruses coming out of that, well that is the microbiome’s check on reality that we live in.
  • At the end of World War II, we were growing 45% of our food in our backyard gardens, now we grow less than 0.1% of food in our backyard gardens.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of doing the right thing in your backyard, on your porch, in your window. Do the right thing at the tiny level, and this raises your vibration and bigger stuff will come. Surrender the expectations of what it’s going to look like and just do the right thing and you’re going to enjoy it.
  • If we are here for anything, it is to experience beauty. And to recognize it and to shout it from the rooftops when see it and to celebrate it.  If you just do that in your day to day, if you dig into beauty and you start making sure that everything you do is grounded in the pursuit of beauty, you are going to find a different life.
  • We have to connect humans to be co-creative, instead of consumptive.  This will bring more beauty into our lives, in ways of other cultures, other ways of life, and other areas of the world.
  • We should change our definition and concept of a garden.  Any area with thriving natural plant life that bring biodiversity and wild life is a garden.  Create biodiversity and let it be messy.
  • In the last ten years, every single condition on the planet has been tied back to the gut microbiome.  What will grow a healthy vegetable or fruit plant is what will grow a healthy human.  There is no way that biology can’t be founded in the microbiome because it is literally where all nutrients and fuel production and ultimately the communication for cell-cell and trans-species communications comes from.
  • Carbon is the backbone for life.  Organic refers to life built on carbon structure.  Carbon in the human experience is the nutrients that we consume.  Complex carbohydrates and fatty acids carry the carbon molecules to the mitochondria to continue the process.  So we should be looking for the cleanest sources of complex carbohydrates and fatty acids that you can put your hands on, which comes down to the garden.
  • Seeds, nuts, and legumes are fantastic sources of fatty acids.  Complex carbs are easy, anything with beautiful color – veggies and fruits.  Under the surface of the earth is very important, especially in rich healthy soil.  So carrots, potatoes, beets, radish and other root vegetables are rich in soil carbon compounds.  Leave the skins on to get the complexity of the nutrients we need.  They are also super rich in fiber, which is the building block for micro-ecosystems in the gut.  Fiber supports diversity of microbial species.
  • If you eliminate fiber your diet, you start to suffer.  If you eliminate complex carbohydrates from your diet, your microbiome shifts to a fermentation, rather than an aerobic digestion.  The fermentation bacteria are very closely linked to a chronic inflammatory state of the gut and immune system.
  • Due to the antibiotic environment we created, we are missing the carbon communication network of the microbiome.  In the US we put about 38 millions pounds of antibiotics into our animal feed a year.  We put about about 8 million pounds of antibiotics into humans through our healthcare systems.  We put about 300 million pounds of antibiotics in the form of glyphosate (Round Up) into our soils and water systems every year through chemical farming.
  • This is compounded because glyphosate is water based so it ends up in the air.  Up to 75% of the air we breathe and the rainfall in any state where agriculture is prominent, which is most, is contaminated with this chemical. We are breathing, eating, drinking, and being rained on by these antibiotics.  This has caused us to become extremely vulnerable due to the loss of biodiversity in the gut.
  • We have to stop spreading the chemical glyphosate (Round Up) and regenerate the soil. The quality carbon will make healing happen, we just have to do it before it is too late.  It is getting closer to being too late.
  • Human biology is based in the microbiome itself.  Human cells know how to repair themselves if we provide them with the quality nutrients.  The cells will always go into a regenerative form, and the human gut will operate as a single organism again.  The gut lining is two tennis courts in surface area.  When we consume Round Up (glyphosate) it destroys that structure (Excessive amounts of alcohol also does the same).  This destruction of the gut destroys our body’s barrier to the outside world, which is actually less of a barrier and more of our connection with nature.  
  • When the gut lining breaks down, we lose self identity at the biological level and we get chronic inflammation, depression, hopelessness, and suicide.  We get sensitive or allergic to food and our environment. That is loss of self identity.  We struggle to actually live within the environment in which we have created.
  • However, when we introduce the natural goods, the microbiome regenerates and we start to repair our self identity, our self worth.  We start to connect with the “outside world” again, we co-create, and we thrive.  We connect to life in a deeper way, on a deeper level.
  • There is no separation from the world around us.  We are made of the same stuff!  What breaks down nature, ultimately breaks us down.  “Intelligence is built into the fabric of nature.”
  • The beauty of nature – mountains, lush plant-life, rivers, oceans, and wild life – that have been intact, building, and thriving for millions of years can not exist without the intelligence of the system of nature.  The way all of nature co-creates, co-exists, and communicates to live which creates beauty.
  • When we cut certain groups of people off from information and understanding it actually hurts everyone.  Our communication networks need to change. We need to fundamentally change the internet, as in everything should have unfettered access to information. If it does, then we are going to build beauty.  We are going to build cooperative structures.  When every interaction is exploited by a third party for advertising and otherwise, we don’t have unfettered access to information. Our information is fact-warped.  It is only telling us the reality that it wants us to see and we are not seeing the reality for what it is, so we behave in a certain way.  So it reinforces our consumptive behavior. If we start to mimic the communication we have found in the microbiome, and we start to build societies like that, that is how we are going to escape the extinction event we headed towards.  We can go extinct in the next 70-100 years on our current course, or we an literally become a different society.  We can literally become a different species as we start to embrace the template that the microbiome is revealing to us.
  • Getting out in to environments and ecosystems that we haven’t breathed in recently enhances your microbiome.  We are water structures, so we we breathe interacts with our body.  We get fed by nature and connect to it. At the same time, we have new experiences, meet new people, and re-discover our self.
  • If your health is not your full potential, it is because your environment is limiting your potential. So you need to expand your concept of what is your daily life, and what kind of microbiome is it advancing.  Every choice that we make to participate and consume what do affects us and everything around us at every level. 
  • The sperm counts in all western countries has dropped 52-57%.  1 in 3 males with sperm counts at the infertility level. 
  • We are losing a species every 20 minutes, which has happened in the last three decades.



– Shaun✌️

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