The Importance of Aligning With Nature



Nature has to be our focus now and forever.  This is the way we fix our current course, regenerate our home.

One of Logan Kinei’s big focuses and intentions is nature, Nature, NATURE!  Why nature?  


I am sure that this may seem obvious at initial read, right?  Because it’s nature and it’s there so we need it. Well, it may not be obvious to the majority of humans on this Earth.

Many, many people go about their daily lives without even giving nature a single moment of thought or consideration.  We know this to be true simply based on the current state of the Earth – climate change, pollution, our food industry, plastic, trash in our Oceans, our take take take take and rarely give back relationship with the Earth’s resources, our progression towards technology driven everything, our focus on money and power, our raising of animal life purely for our enjoyment and consumption, our destruction of wild life such as whales or elephants simply for our comfort or fleeting enjoyment, the continually rising rates of cancer, the outbreak, spreading, fear, and panic of COVID-19…shall I continue?

These are all examples of a complete lack of harmony with nature and the Earth.

According to a UN report from 2019, “around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history. … Three-quarters of the land-based environment and about 66% of the marine environment have been significantly altered by human actions.”(See more statistics at the end of this article or please refer to the original article.)

The Earth is losing animal species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate, and as many as 30-50 percent of the planet’s species may be extinct by 2050. (HALTING THE EXTINCTION CRISIS – Center for Biological Diversity)

According to Zach Bush, MD, we are losing a species every twenty minutes, which has escalated to this level in only the last three decades.  Globally we are killing 60 billion animals a year for human consumption. Prior to killing the animals for our enjoyment, we are holding them in captivity under, largely, extremely toxic conditions, being pumped with antibiotics and other unnatural things. Viruses and sicknesses come out of that.

Every single time a species goes extinct, our world changes.  There is a domino effect, and the biodiversity of the Earth is shifted, becoming less diverse. It affects everything we need to survive, from the air we breathe, to the temperature, to our soil and food, to the water we drink and need to sustain all of life, and the rest of the species on Earth.

The rate at which the climate is changing, disease is depleting all forms of life, and species are going extinct is due to human consumption, comfortability, and choices.  Every choice that we make to consume what we consume and participate in what we participate in, has an effect on everything around us at every single level.  What we are seeing now, are the many years of negative changes at the micro level now being forecast to the macro level.


The micro level is the microbiome.  For humans, our gut lining that is being destroyed by all of the chemicals with which we have been polluting our food, water, air, and vast majority of products.

So, what we are doing with all of the aforementioned, is actually killing ourselves.  Suicide rates continue to increase, especially over the past two decades.  We see the continual onset of chronic inflammation, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, autism, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory issues, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, depression, and hopelessness. 

A meta-regression analysis that looked at 185 sperm count studies from 1973-2011 showed a 52.4 percent decline in sperm concentration and a 59.3 percent decline in total sperm count among North American, European, Australian and New Zealand men. Issues with procreation are skyrocketing with one in three males with sperm counts at the infertility level.


We are literally destroying our soil with a water based chemical (glyphosate/RoundUp)– our food and water and air, the wildlife, and therefore ourselves and the Earth– with the only reasoning being longer shelf life and money.  This chemical has been linked to essentially every chronic disease, as well as autism and it surely plays a role in COVID-19.

So, what are humans missing?  Why are we allowing this to continue to happen in the name of comfort, convenience, power, and money?

Humans are missing the fact that we are nature.  We are the same as and connected to nature – the Earth, other humans, plant life, wildlife, the ocean, the air, the rain.  The primary structure of life is carbon, to which the word organic actually refers.  Nature is telling us something, trying to warn us and we are only ignoring the signals.



It’s pretty clear that we simply feel better when we spend time outside.  We are healthier and happier when we are in the sun, surrounded by trees, in the mountains, or at the ocean.  When we let go of our ego, adults act like children when they get caught in a warm rain storm, immediately taken to a place of joy, wonder, and peace. 

We know that we are happier and healthier and more at peace when we are with family and friends, and feel love.  We know that people who are cohabitant with dogs are generally happier and healthier.

We know that when we practice regenerative agriculture, no use of chemicals and allow nature to do it’s thing, then our food and ecosystem thrive with nutrients and life.  We know that when we eat more beautiful and colorful food from the earth, we are healthier and happier.

We all know that we love beauty. Beauty is vibrant color.  Beauty is our natural food and water.  Beauty is the forest, mountains, and oceans.  Beauty is sunsets, sunrises, and thunderstorms. Beauty is creativity, music, and dance.  Beauty is elephants, dogs, and sharks. Beauty is coral.  Beauty is humans.  Beauty is energy. Beauty is life.

The experience of beauty is the intuition of the interconnection between the seemingly two different entities of ‘us’ and the world. The interconnection is our underlying existence, that we are one in the same. Sunsets do this. The ocean does this. Nature does this because we are connected to it.

We know that when we breathe in clean air and drink clean water, we are healthier and more peaceful and more grateful and happier.

It’s so simple.


Doing something as simple as going to the beach and breathing, or composting and gardening, or going on a nature walk can literally change our lives and the life of everything around us.  Our cells change.  Our understanding and appreciation of life changes.

We start to understand our connection to nature.  We start to become aware of our own reflection in nature and natures reflection in us.  We start to care.

With that, we start to think about our choices differently.  We start to change our perspectives on what we participate in and what we consume. Our interests and approach to life change.  We recognize that life is not about convenience, artificial products, or fleeting moments of feeling powerful through the destruction of others.

With these changes, we change our microbiome within us and around us.  We thrive as a species, along with all of the nature around us.  We collectively live a much more robust, joyous, creative, grateful, loving, and graceful life.

With these simple changes, we save wildlife. We save humans on Earth. We start to realize that the joy of life comes from actually living it.

Why nature? Because we are nature.



– Shaun✌️

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