Logan Kinei Nature Experience | Longnook Beach, Truro

Longnook Beach in Truro has become my favorite beach.  It is always quiet, at least in the off-season.  It is a massively expansive beach with towering dune bluffs.  There is an energy at this beach that Kait and I have both experienced.  We won’t have Truro beach stickers to go between the second or third Saturday in June through Labor Day, but we can still go during off hours.  I am also hoping to get a permit from the town of Truro for Logan Kinei Nature Experiences.  The permit process was delayed due to COVID-19, so I am not sure where it stands at this point.

Longnook does not have lifeguards.  The only way down to the beach is to walk down the large dune, which is not the easiest walk if you are lugging things down/up, good at walking in sand, or have balance issues.  The view from the top is worth checking out, even if not going down to the beach.

These are some of my favorite photos of Longnook from this year:


– Shaun✌️

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