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What does it say about our society when we applaud those who wake up at 4, 4:30, 5am to get in their “self care” — only to work themselves for the following 10-12+ hours with, often, the primary intention being to make more money or to have a greater reach into influencing society.

What happens when people grind day in and day out at jobs that they otherwise wouldn’t be doing had they the choice to not care about money?  What happens when a person runs themself into the ground for what the collective society says matters, yet the person literally starts to lose their mind in their mid-50’s that by the time they are in their mid-60’s they can’t even communicate.  Their mind is shrinking.  Their ability to learn, to speak, to swallow, to understand is rapidly dissipating.  Their physical abilities are atrophying with their muscle mass and the extreme instability noted in their joints, no matter how long they lifted weights and were active.

Were those long hours in a tough soul sucking business worth it?  Was it worth it to miss the countless holidays, children’s sporting and numerous events for a job you didn’t even enjoy?  A job and business you told your kids never to go into because you wanted better for them.  Monotony limits experience and drives going into the mind, in which we lose our true self.

What is life? 

What truly matters in life?

What matters in society?

What is destroying life?

Why are we allowing this to happen?  Why are we allowing money to be the driving force of how we live our life?  Why must we wake up at 4:30am to get in “self care” because that is the only “time” we have to devote to our self?

Should all of our life be self care simply through living the way we live?  Should life be about experiencing and exploring – not desiring, memorizing, repeating, and fearing?

Why do we value money above all else?

“Whatever you may say will be both true and false. Words do not reach beyond the mind.” – Maharaj

I have been coming to truly know my self, yet I find it extremely difficult to be my true self in society.  Some of it is still confidence, but that is much less of an issue as it once was.  The driving force is the collective societal mind, or at least I view it to be.  Society constantly telling me what life should be about.  Society constantly telling me what I should be doing.  Society constantly telling me what matters.  Society constantly telling me that money, business, jobs, material things are most important.  Though I know this not to be true, how do I still live in a society that values those things when I don’t.

Sure, I need some things to experience things.  So in that way it becomes even more complicated. I struggle with this.

I just want to live and experience.  I want there to be peace so that we can all just live and experience.  Some of us together, some of us never meeting or caring to meet.  Why are we putting these ideas – because everything that is not nature is really just an idea, a thought – above the actual experience and exploration of life, above peace, above love, above beauty, above life itself.

Living the way the collective society accepts and portrays every moment is literally killing life on Earth.

Now I want to say I don’t know what to do, but that is actually my mind speaking. My mind that is being pulled right back into the collective society mind.  I know what to do.  It’s to watch those thoughts come and go.  It’s to see the world, to see life the way I know it to be, the way I know my self to be.


– Shaun✌️

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