Provoking Thoughts on “Science”

by Shaun Logan
 Here are some of my thoughts on science. Before I start, I think it’s relevant to mention I have a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree – collectively 7 years of secondary education in a science. Ok, so my thoughts…

Science is simply the way we try to explain things in the world that we don’t understand.

All of science is theory and opinion — even if you think it’s fact or someone says it’s fact, it’s not. Everything can be proven and disproven. For every piece of evidence you can find to “prove” one theory you can probably find just as much to “disprove” it.

Most things we just simply do not know and we do not know what the effects will be until generations later.

Personally, science holds very minimal status to me. Collegiate degrees hold very minimal status to me.

I question. I learn. I observe. I read. I listen. I experiment. I experience. Therefore I, too am a “scientist”. I am constantly being educated. Doing research funded by a university or some other entity is not all that makes you a scientist or gives you clout. A degree is not what makes you something.

All research is started with an agenda to prove or disprove something. It starts with an agenda!

Most research is done in controlled conditions. Much research is done in a sterile lab or even just done in a room in a building or only looking at one thing, not necessarily taking into account everything else that is happening. 

Most research is funded by people and corporations with even bigger agendas.

Scientifically significant is not fact or 100%. Which means there’s always a percentage that it is not true or doesn’t fit. Sample populations and participants are always super small compared to 330 million in the US or 7.8 billion worldwide, for example. Even if a study was done on a million people that is .003% of the US and .00013% of the world. Scale the sample population up or increase the length of a study and the results could flip flop.

“Statistical significance helps quantify whether a result is likely due to chance or to some factor of interest,” says Redman. When a finding is significant, it simply means you can feel confident that’s it real, not that you just got lucky (or unlucky) in choosing the sample.” – A Refresher on Statistical Significance by Amy Gallo – Harvard Business Review

Life is none of those. There are an infinite amount of things happening each moment, how can research account for that? How can research account for my personal experience? My personal body-mind? My personal perception? Yours? 7.8 billion other humans? The rest of nature?

For me, it holds little weight. the Earth, nature, the Universe holds all of our truths and answers, but do we have to try to know all about them? Curiosity is amazing but some stuff goes too far. In many cases, we might be better off just enjoying it and living.

I look to nature for my guidance. I want very little that is synthetically made around me, and certainly not in my body. Fear driven agendas have no place in my life. 

I do not believe that is sustainable or progressing life. I believe it does quite the opposite. I have come to realize this over time, through experience, through a whole lot of self inquiry and letting go of a lot of conditioning.

I was so conditioned, which I see all around me, to believe science science science! Fact fact fact! This is the way and you must believe it, if you don’t then you have no place, no merit. Well, the less I cared about science, the less research I looked at and the more I tapped into myself as nature and nature as my guide I became a better physical therapist and my interest in working in physical therapy diminished.

I became a better human. The more at peace I am. The more joy I experience. The more understanding I have. The more love I feel. The more I experience life. Fear has very little place in my life.

I am at peace with not knowing, with not understanding. The more I am, the more I understand. Unexplainable, but it’s my experience (and many others too).

Let’s keep doing science – It’s definitely cool and interesting. I like it, I use it. Science and research are a piece of it, whatever it is, not the end all be all. I’m using science as a general term that can be interpreted many ways here, and science can really be anything so I’m not anti-science by any means. Some of science is really necessary and part of our evolution, but it should not be fighting nature – only harmony.

Believe it, or don’t, though I certainly hope you question it all of the time. And I hope destructive agendas of corporate conglomerates (media, big pharma, government, health insurance, fossil fuel, etc) will someday stop. I do not believe science, or really anything, should be fear based and financially driven.

Pease don’t tell us that we have to fully believe it and abide otherwise we can’t live freely. Please don’t tell me I have to do something that I believe is boosting us towards our extinction. This does not come from fear, but my understanding and beliefs.

We can talk about it and learn from each other, and maybe figure out how to best guide others and the following generations (if we can slow our rate towards extinction). I think we’d all benefit from spending more of our life with nature.


-Shaun ✌️

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