Our Letter to the Tee Time Committee & Eastham Community

January 18, 2021

Dear Tee-Time Committee and the Community of Eastham,

Last week marked a year since we, Kait and Shaun Logan, officially became full time residents of Eastham. We moved to Cape Cod from Philadelphia, shortly after having our first child, with the aim of raising him and immersing ourselves in the nature that is so unique to the Outer Cape. As new residents, who would really like to call this our forever home, we wanted to share our vision for the growth and future of our community, specifically the Tee-Time space. This space will very clearly shape how people view Eastham, how we define ourselves as a town, what we prioritize and what we have to offer to the community of Cape Cod as a whole. 

We chose Eastham because of its beauty, but also because of it’s proximity to Orleans and Wellfleet, two towns that we see as having quite a lot to offer in terms of— hiking, beaches, farmers markets, organic markets, parks, etc. These towns also of course offer the necessary conveniences of town centers with grocery stores, groomers, etc. While Eastham also offers a handful of these attributes, we lack a town center, which ultimately deprives us of a real community gathering hub. The windmill area is a lovely gathering area, but is limited in activity and size.  

We believe that Eastham would greatly benefit from the creation of a space that honors the surrounding nature but also fills a current void of the town center, a space for nature, food, and community.

Tee-Time is clearly in a prime location to be the hub and draw of Eastham. There are so many locals passionate about preserving the ecology of our surroundings which should be incorporated in such a big way and undoubtedly draw in huge volunteer interest in the process. What is now an overworked dystopian plot of Earth can be revitalized through regeneration of the land and restoration of plant life, to become a beaming source of pride for the community. 

We know that there are several uses being considered for this land and we would like to kindly urge you to consider incorporating any or all of the following in some big way: food forest gardens, an annual garden, meadows, a geothermal greenhouse, a large open space for events, a kids area, dog park, garden stand and a farmers market, food/drink trucks, shacks for artists/retail/restaurants/businesses, and walking trails that connect it all from Route 6 to the Cape Cod Rail Trail. We envision the creation an Eastham Gardens – an outdoor, nature-based community center.

Eastham Gardens has the ability to evolve naturally over time. The attached design allows for a beautiful space for concerts, community events, educational activities, a place for all ages of the community to walk and gather — add lights and it becomes a holiday garden to behold. This allows for growth and possibilities over generations – not just because it is the only option for this land that will thrive for hundreds of years, but also because it’s the only option that works fully with the Earth to sequester greenhouse gases, absorb more water, clean our water, attract wildlife and insects, reduce drought risk, create some food sovereignty, which all mitigate affects of climate change that we are so at risk for on this peninsula. 

Where Eastham Gardens really has its greatest impact is in life, improving the quality of it in every way – health, happiness, community, peace, learning, evolution, food, and harmony with the Earth.

There is nowhere on the Cape with as diverse food producing plants on the scale that we can have at this property.* We know we are not alone in this vision of a community space that is one with nature. Preservation of the earth, while not exclusive to younger generations, is a deep and growing passion for millennials, GenX, and those following, and is only going to grow – because it has to.  By valuing this within this space, we truly believe it will drive more young families to the area as permanent residents, but it will also quickly turn into a new tourist stop on the drive to and from Wellfleet, Truro, and P’town— Eastham becomes the place to be!


Kait and Shaun Logan


P.S. Despite Covid hitting shortly after our move here, our involvement in the community has not been slowed down! Kait has been coming to the Cape in the summers her entire life and is the new member of the Eastham Open Spaces Committee and a real estate agent with Kinlin Grover Wellfleet. Shaun works with Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod and the volunteer organization Food Forest Initiative whose involvement includes the Nauset School Garden. We promise to continue to be involved in this venture and all future ventures that aim to positively impact the cape and its residents. 


*Some possible varieties include: 

Nuts: chestnuts, walnuts, acorns, pecans, hazelnuts, pine nuts maple 

Berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, loganberries, currants, jostaberries, elderberries, mulberries, gooseberries, honeyberries, strawberries, jujube, huckleberry, sea berries, 

Fruits: guava, apples, pears, asian pears, persimmons, pawpaw, cherry, fig, peaches, nectarines, plums, hops, grapes, 

Muschrooms: shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, reishi

These are just some of the perennials that will produce for years and years. A walipini is an underground greenhouse, where you dig down to take advantage of the geothermal heat and can grow all year round and more tropical plants. The ability to do this and how deep we can dig depends on the water table on the property.

  • Benefits of “Eastham Gardens”:
          • Beautify the area
          • Creates separation and privacy between adjacent properties/businesses/homes
          • Taking advantage of otherwise unused areas on the property
          • Land regeneration
        • Climate Change
            • Diversity
            • Starts to regenerate the soil
            • Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Sequestration
            • More trees = more rainfall
            • Clean water absorption – no chemicals – cleaner aquifer – Nauset Lens Aquifer
            • Homes and food for wildlife and insects
            • Strengthens the land and mitigates erosion
        • Generational – Useable and productive for hundreds of years
        • Food Sovereignty 
            • Food producing trees for wildlife and human consumption
            • Sell at onsite farmers market
            • Keeps food local and gives Eastham and Cape Cod more autonomy with food
        • Community & Financially 
            • New outdoor event area for town
            • Educational opportunities
            • Tourism attraction – business for the community
            • A place to buy the highest quality local food on Cape Cod – something we really need in Eastham
            • New pet friendly walking trails through different plant life
            • Brings people to their food source, through this reestablishing our inherent connection to our food and to nature in general
              • This brings overall increased reverence for the Earth and how we treat it
Eastham Tee Time Proposed Design Idea

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