Public Presentation to Eastham’s Tee Time Committee

February 16, 2021

We are grateful for this opportunity to present our proposal for the Tee Time property. It is exciting to live in a town that is so receptive to the thoughts of its residents.  We know you were given a copy of our letter, so we won’t go into our personal story again, but as a quick reminder to the group- we moved here a year ago from Philadelphia and hope to make Eastham the town we call our home for years to come.  

We made a personal vow to get involved in the community in multiple aspects, but something that is very important to our family is spending time in nature, spending time with community, and working to reverse climate change and not only preserve, but regenerate this beautiful plot of land we get to call home.

Even before we moved here, the Tee-Time property always peaked my interest. A large plot of open degraded land in such a prime location just not being used. It naturally gets you fantasizing when you see the world with curiosity.

NEW! Official Updated Map of T-Time – The Northeast corner is 2-3x  as big as previously thought.
Everything we do going forward as a collective human society has to have the Earth at the forefront of thought and design. We have to have a plan for how this is going to affect the Earth and life on it in 10, 50, 500 years, even if that plan is to change. We have to account for plant life, wildlife, ocean life, and human life. Everything has to be generational in its design and purpose. Though we will benefit from this, it is truly our children and their children that will benefit more.

As my understanding of the Earth and social injustice grew, and I learned about the community itself, the design in my mind evolved from just a food forest and annual garden into the design you saw in our letter. This is what we are calling Eastham Gardens  – which we see as an outdoor town center.

We are presenting a design that is truly generational, regenerative, and evolving in its nature – because it revolves around Nature. This plan will give back more than it will take in the form of resources and life. We are talking carbon sequestration, increased clean water into the Cape Cod Aquifer, attracting wildlife, community building, educational and interactive opportunities, mental and physical health, healthy food, and sovereignty.

Eastham Tee Time Proposed Design Idea
Eastham Gardens is a multi-purpose outdoor garden experience that is focused on immersing people in nature — including:

  • A perennial food forest garden along the edges and under the power lines 
  • An annual garden – which can be designed with the Eastham turnip tradition in mind
  • A large green space for: 
    • Events 
    • Community gatherings
    • Play
    • Picnics
    • Wellness classes – yoga, fitness, mediation and so on
  • Space and opportunity for:
    • Pop-up beer gardens and restaurants, and Food trucks
    • An area for local retail and artists
    • Farmers market/garden stand to sell what we grow as well as other gardeners and farmers
    • Holiday specific events – such as a Christmas light display and Winter Village
  • The whole space intertwined with meadows of beautiful flowers
  • An intriguing walking path winding throughout with hidden gems such as a walkway tunnel made from tree limbs and edible vines such as grapes or hardy kiwi
  • Leaving room for other potential areas such as:
    • A Walipini (dug out greenhouse that uses geothermal and solar heat)
    • A kid’s area
    • Dog park
    • More garden space
    • And Room for evolution
  • This design also gives Eastham the opportunity to invite people from Wampanoag community to be a part of this as well.

We see this as the an asset to the year round residents such as ourselves and something that we honestly found as lacking in the town when we were making the final decision to move here. We believe that grants can be used to assist with funding of this proposal such as Farmers Market Promotion Program through the USDA. There are several other applicable grants as well.

Eastham Gardens will drive more young families to the town as we are confident from our experience that these values are shared by a great deal of our generation. Of course, these things will benefit all generations of residents.  Aside from drawing in more young families and providing a centralized base, our proposal will create a tourist destination that does not currently exist in our town.  Perhaps now more than ever wineries, pop-up beer gardens, outdoor concerts, orchards, and interactive farms, are the type of destinations being sought out the most in terms of recreation. People are seeking an escape and craving community and outdoors.

While the beach will always be the top destination, families are always, always looking for other ways to engage their children while hopefully getting to enjoy an activity for them at the same time.  This will serve this purpose on ALL levels.  We truly believe this will be added to families list of traditional stops on their yearly visit to the Cape. Eastham Gardens becomes a destination that then helps to fuel the beaches, restaurants, housing, etc. It also helps preserve the beach itself.

So to sum it up, Eastham Gardens has the potential:

1. Drive our generation of young families to choose Eastham as a permanent home, therefore benefitting tax dollars and driving new business to the town.

2. Serve as a tourist destination, that will also drive increased traffic to local small businesses and rentals.

3. Provides unique business, educational, and interactive opportunities unparalleled on the Cape

4. It will have a positive effect on the environment – including climate change and all of it’s affects and contributing favorably to the Cape Cod aquifer. 

It will make Eastham stand out as a trailblazer in terms of climate action and hopefully start a trickle effect that takes off in surrounding towns, all leading to the regeneration of this magical place we call Cape Cod.  Conversations and actions around the climate crisis and its link to agricultural processes, social injustice, food sovereignty, and health are only going to increase exponentially, as we are already witnessing. We want our community be a leader in this, to set an example for others to follow.


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