What is the Tee Time Property?

This is Tee Time or T Time – it is an 11 acre parcel of land in the center of North Eastham between Rt 6 and the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It is the prime location that used to be a driving range, but has been vacant for years. Most recently the town of Eastham, who now owns the property, leased it to Eversource who had a subcontractor using it while replacing power lines throughout the town.

News Articles:

Eastham agrees to buy T-Time property

T-Time Could Become Commercial or Community Center

It is highly degraded land that can and should be regenerated.  There is a huge opportunity to do this right, instead of building structures and a parking lot.  Other options that I have heard being thrown out are housing with retail, or community center (a building). 

In Eastham, we do not have a town center, farmer’s market, grocery store, community gathering area, or even a tourist destination in Eastham – other than the Cape Cod National Seashore that is operated by the National Park Service. Apparently, Stop & Shop used to own the land and there are issues with some clauses in the deed that basically stop any type of competition, including a farmers market. That is why there can’t be a temporary farmer’s market there right now and it is proposed to be at the Windmill, but the town plans to work on getting that changed for the “permanent” use of the property, if needed.

There is a Tee Time committee that has been working hard to figure this out and what is best for the town. I really don’t know how any other option is better than the one we proposed! See our letter to the Committee and our Presentation and design.

Here are aerial photos of the land, followed by photos I took on the property in January.

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