My Art – Humus and the Sea

I am beyond excited to share my art! After many years of being creatively blocked my creative has reemerged over the winter. In moving to Cape Cod, reducing my physical therapy/wellness work, working with the Earth with Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod and starting to design gardens has awakened my creative.

Humus and the Sea – Art by Shaun Logan

I have had an onslaught of creativity flooding me and I have decided to start a website and store to share my work. Humus and the Sea is my art concept about exploring life through the relationship between all living beings on Earth, the universe and the energy of life.  Please visit my site, where I just launched a store of my original artwork, to check out my work!

My art doesn’t have a particular style or genre. I enjoy many mediums and approaches. Most of my work is inspired by life itself, the Universe, the unknown, Earth, and the infinite. My work included ink drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, some acrylic though I try not to use it because it’s basically plastic, and poetry.

I have written a manuscript of approximately 66 poems that I have been submitting to various competitions, publishers, and literary agents. If anyone knows any publishers or agents who accept submissions for self help and spiritual poetry, please let me know. My poetry is based on my personal self inquiry and curiosity.


✌️ Shaun



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