About Me

I am here to guide and inspire people to experience life through peace, love and freedom, so all humans can live cohesively with all beings, nature/earth, the universe and beyond.


Hey! I’m Shaun, living in Philadelphia and exploring life. Having graduated about 13 years ago with a kinesiology degree and about 10 years ago with a doctor of physical therapy degree, and working in the fitness/therapy realms since then, I can be labeled as an “expert” or “specialist” in regards to injury, pain, and human movement.  I’ve worked with children from the age 5 to older adults in there 90’s. Professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, and many non-athletes.  I have worked on wellness pilot programs with Comcast’s Total Rewards department, and I’ve also been denied by many other corporations and companies!  Over the years, I have progressed my knowledge and understanding to more than just the physical to include the body-mind. More recently, I have moved beyond the body-mind in my personal practices, as well as my studies, towards spiritual teachings. I am not a religious person, which has more to do with the human egoic take-over of the teachings than the actual religions themselves. There is something more than the body-mind, that has been made clear to me through working with individuals for these past 10 years. I don’t quite know what it is, but I often refer to it has awareness, pure consciousness, the universe, love, the beyond, light, and life. I mean the same things when I say those. I started on the path of self inquiry because my experience lead me right to it, and I continue on now. I am here to share, teach, and guide others to find their true nature. I know we can actually change life for us all if we take care of ourselves first. Once you find yourself, you will yearn to help others do the same.

I love spending my life with my family, Kait and Weston, and our golden doodle, Avett. Travel, design, family, nature, beach/island life, the desert, the mountains, exploring, listening and guiding people are my passions. I love art, music, culture, creativity, and food.

I love to live the life that I desire, through peace, love, and freedom – to live cohesively with all humans and beings, nature/earth, the universe and beyond. I am here to guide others to do the same!