Travel: Tucson, Arizona

This was such a whirlwind trip, in such a strange way for me that it is hard to know.  I did not feel a certain vibe, but I think that may be because of the circumstances.  It felt like business, not like a get to know you Tucson trip.  I didn’t do much research into the […]

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How do You React to What You Don’t Understand?

Why does asshole tend to be the go to mode for a lot of people when they don’t understand something?  Yesterday morning, as I was walking to a client’s condo I observed a guy beeping at a couple who was towing a food truck onto the sidewalk.  A thing they do every single day, for who […]

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A Quick Trip to Tucson

(Written on 8.16.2019) I am currently in a plane to Tucson, Arizona for the first time. I have been to Arizona twice before, but only to the Phoenix area and Sedona.  Well, I guess I spent about an hour at the Grand Canyon once with my family while on a trip to Vegas in high […]

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Conditioned Mind

Our minds are conditioned. My mind is conditioned. Your mind is conditioned. All of our minds are conditioned. Even “my thoughts” in this post are conditioned. They are not fully my own.

The thoughts we think are our own, are mostly made up of things other people have said…somewhere, sometime.

We are all part of a larger collective mind. …

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