Nostalgia: Ocean City, NJ

Honestly, I’m not typically one for nostalgia.  I tend to forget a lot of my childhood, not because it was bad and I need to block it out.  Quite the contrary.  I think I don’t remember because it was actually really good, and quite frankly, my life has been so far.  My low points have […]

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Gratitude Amidst Change

Let me tell you about my experience trying to get home from Tucson… I was flying American Airlines from Philadelphia to Tucson.  I will pretty much always pay more for a direct flight than for connections, but there are no direct flights from Philadelphia to Tucson.  So I choose roundtrip flights that are a decent […]

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How do You React to What You Don’t Understand?

Why does asshole tend to be the go to mode for a lot of people when they don’t understand something?  Yesterday morning, as I was walking to a client’s condo I observed a guy beeping at a couple who was towing a food truck onto the sidewalk.  A thing they do every single day, for who […]

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Conditioned Mind

Our minds are conditioned. My mind is conditioned. Your mind is conditioned. All of our minds are conditioned. Even “my thoughts” in this post are conditioned. They are not fully my own.

The thoughts we think are our own, are mostly made up of things other people have said…somewhere, sometime.

We are all part of a larger collective mind. …

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